Monday, August 04, 2008

hot time in Dallas

hot time in Dallas, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Yes, it is HOT!! Nutty, insane hot, but I am smiling like the Cheshire Cat because I LOVE summer! Yes, the heat cooks your brain, wilts your body and generally turns human beings into smoldering ash, but it still beats the hell (tee hee) out of drab, grey, cold, depressing winter!! We re living in the pool, but that's not so bad, huh?
My house guests are gone. It was wonderful having Bret for a week. He is a sweet and easy-going kid. He is between the ages of my 2 youngest sons so he hung out with both of them. Judy returned to pick him up and hang out for the weekend. Her daughter also stayed with us (she goes to college nearby), so we had a full house.
I have had little time for art, though I did make a few pieces which I will post later. I am in one of those moods where I have too many ideas swirling around in my head. I want to make so many things!! I need to work on class kits for Paper Cowgirl and solder some pendants, but my brain is bubbling with ideas for new projects!!!
I am off to make SOMETHING before I spontaneously COMBUST!!!!


Leah C said...

We've been "living" in the pool, too, here in the midwest:) Hasn't hit 107 degrees, though...whew, that's hot! But I agree with cold, drab winter any day!

Sandra Evertson said...

Stay cool! Love the lanterns below!

Anonymous said...

I guess summer wouldnt be so bad if I had a pool to live in haha but I dont so it sucks! today is soo hot! I have been getting ready for the tropical storm thats hitting tomorrow... gee the lovely life of a costal girl! I am soo EXCITED about PaperCowgirls retreat! I have some questions though so I am going to email you! YOu know me little Miss Plan ahead! haha anywho let me get off here to cook some meat so I can just warm it up on our little grill outside because I know our power will be off for awhile! hugs


Tina said...

It's freaking hot here in Wichita Falls too!!! what's the deal? didn't YOU pay the electric bill? it was your turn....


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