Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh, I have so many projects in the works! I really have got to get my Paper Cowboy kits and Vendor Night things together. I MUST work on those things tomorrow. The kids and I are enjoying out last weeks before school starts. Summer has flown by. I really must find a way to move closer to the equator. If I never see another bare tree or a single flake of snow I will be just fine. It is a good thing I like warm weather, because it is crazy hot here, again. No worries... look for me in the pool. I'm the one with the big grin and sparkly earrings!


Kathy said...

My mess beats your mess by a LANDSLIDE!! hee-hee I'm right there with ya about the cold weather. I ask myself every year, "What are we doing in Chicago!" I love Chicago, but I do hate the winters. Not going to think about it. Love, love all of the stuff you are working on!


Anonymous said...

Hey mermaid sis!! that mess isnt bad at all hehe you should see my room right now! YIKES its horrible! anywho I loved your banner ya made Jessi! I cant wait to see what all the people have at vendor night. I wonder if i can sell some of my stuff there? hmmm. anywho hugs



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