Saturday, August 16, 2008

for Jessi, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Here's a banner I made for Jessi I could absolutely make digital art day and night. It is the so fun!! I swear I feel like a magician!
I have several other digital projects in the works, along with plenty of "real" art projects. Too bad I have to sleep.
I really need to stay busy, as I absolutely hate for summer to end. I love having my kids home. In a little over a week we'll be back to the grind of school. Ugh! Homework! Blah! Projects! Yuck! Makes me tired to think of it! We need more pool time! More lazy days! LOL!
I know, I'm a bad mom... whatever. I WILL send my kids to school and I WILL make them do their work, but I don't have to like it! I think I feel this more keenly each year. The time goes so quickly and my kids are getting too big! What happened to all my babies??
Okay, so I think I just had a little breakdown. Sorry about that! ;)
I am off to read a bit and dream of endless summers and kids that don't grow up overnight!


Scrappy Jessi said...

i love love my new banner,
gave ya shout out!!!

Leah C said...

Dale, I'm with you...I want more lazy summer days, too! Love having my kids home & the "unhurriedness" of it all. And, like you, I'll send them to school, make sure they get plenty of sleep, eat right, & all that; all the while secretly hoping summer will hurry up & get here again:)

mendytexas said...

I saw Jessi's new banner and loved it right away! You are sooo good at the digi! LOVE doing digi work too...quite addicting! I can't stop buying new kits and things!!

Kimberly said...

Dale...your banners are so great! I think you've found your niche, my dear!! :-)


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