Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sunrise, prayers and money...

It is a beautiful morning in suburbia. But for the people of Haiti this day is one of despair as they are faced with the aftermath of a 7.5 earthquake. Please pray for them and if possible donate to the American Red Cross international relief fund

Also musician Wyclef Jean's blog has a link to donate to his Haitian Relief organization through your cell phone...

This extremely impoverished island nation was still rebuilding after being hit by 4 major hurricanes in 2008. Their infrastructure is sketchy. Housing is ticky-tacky and the people struggle in the best of times. This is a tragedy of major porportions. Even the money you might plan to spend today on lunch, a new blouse or a manicure would help. If you live in the United States the odds are you are living a better life than these people.

Count your blessing and pay it forward.


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Jamie said...

I am watching the news right now and the images coming out of the country are horrible. We will be sending donations and keeping Haiti in our thoughts. Thank you for writting about this Sweetie. Love, Jamie


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