Thursday, January 14, 2010

just breathe

just breathe, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

My studio is in limbo right now. I have a piano to deal with before I can move in. And I hesitate to embark on any projects until I am in my new space. But I really need to create. I need to go to that quiet place inside where the world retreats a bit and I begin to feel peaceful.
Making art soothes my soul in a way that is so natural and sweet that it feels nearly preordained. There is a feeling of clarity, of rightness that I find to be one of the truest joys of my life.
My heart breaks for the suffering in Haiti, for the family of dear Tina, for all of the brokenness in the world.
And that is why I need a moment to make something beautiful, to remind my heart that flowers still bloom by dusty roadsides and mothers hold their babies like the wondrous gifts they are. I need to think about love and hope and the kindness that binds us all to one another.
Tomorrow I will create and be filled with gratitude for the privilege of knowing my heart's safe harbor.


SugarMoon said...

yuo are fortunate to have found a way to export yourself into "that" place. i'm still searching. cheers.

Leah C said...

I find respite, too, when I just let myself "breathe & create"...wishing you some comfort today:)


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