Saturday, January 02, 2010

back to reality...

So the holidays are basically over and soon we return to real life. My kids have Monday off of school, so they are still in the laid back mode. Christmas is packed neatly away and my new studio space is almost ready. And it is January, my least favorite month. But, I am no longer a person who hates winter. I have decided that it is absurd to despise an entire season, so I will look for silvery shadows and the stark beauty of bare branches against a winter sunset. I will move my studio and fix it just right. And before you know it the trees will get that sweet, fuzzy look and the days will grow longer. Spring comes early in Texas. Thank you, Mother Nature!
Hope 2010 has begun well for you. Stay warm and dream sweet flower-filled dreams.

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Diva Kreszl said...

Ahh yes...January and February are perfect for preparing ourselves for the wonder of spring! I once hated winter and decided to take up skiing to pass the opened my eyes to the white, the barren landscape and simple lines of winter.


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