Tuesday, January 12, 2010

breathe deeply...

So, my laptop has mange or TB or something. It is acting like a fool, throwing up blue screens and ugly messages. And I love that thing like a real live baby! Just got off the phone with HP (they have great suppot!). I am 9 days out of manufacturer's warranty... HILLARIOUS, huh!!?? But (and I can't believe I am going to say this) thankfully it is a hardware issue and should be covered by my extended warranty purchased from Frys... The thought of LEAVING my laptop for them to repair is giving me hives, but I must soldier on. So, I am off to Frys, a very dangerous place for a gadget gal like me! I could live there... and actually might while they work on my baby!
We are having more reasonable weather, so I am not dreading going out. That cold snap was insane. Very tough for mermaids and small green parrots! Mojo and I were way out of our tropical comfort zone!
Hope your day is laden with sunshine and fully functional electronics!

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