Monday, January 04, 2010

life goes on...

No matter what, life does indeed go forward.
Today has been a day of reflection.
I am thinking of Tina's family and how they are coping
with their unimaginable loss.
And I am considering how important it is to live your life well
and fully and to be in a state of appreciation
for each day. All of our experiences bring us
to where we are at this moment. Regret is futile.
I am grateful for my life, for the sad and joyful moments
and all of the uneventful days that are a joy themselves
with their beautiful, reliable ordinariness.
And I am grateful for the people who touch my life.
Life goes on~ as it should, boldly and recklessly, reverentially and with predictability.
It goes on, unfurling before us like a pathway in a dark forest
or a wide swathe of beach that skirts a turbulent sea.
We have no other way to go, except with open hearts,
forward, always forward.


Diane said...

What a beautiful Post, I really never met Tina, but our paths did cross over the past year and a half, Her passing has really made me reflect on my life and how I use each minute, hour and day. Each healthy breath brings me gratitude. Thank you for the reminder
Kisses, Diane

Diva Kreszl said...

what a lovely tribute to dear Tina, she will be missed by so many!

Anonymous said...

tears are coming down. This post is beautiful dale and I hope life gives you a long beach to follow. BIG HUGS my mermaid sis!


Leah C said...

Such true words. Since my mother's passing last March, I've realized life does indeed go on...even when I briefly wished it wouldn't. But, I know in my heart, the loved ones we've lost would want us to carry on...and do it with "open hearts":)

mendytexas said...

Such a beautiful post from another friend of Tina's who will miss her so much. Hugs to you my friend :)

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

i can't seem to come to the point where i can write a blog post about tina. i just can't do it.
instead i read cindy's and i read yours and i cry.
i cry for entirely selfish reasons and for will and the kids and grandbabies. i cry for a world that didn't know tina and won't ever know her because they don't believe.
it's just so sad. all of it.
and i just can't bring myself to write a blog post.

maybe later? i don't know.

cindy said...

Dale, this says exactly what I am feeling today. I hope you won't mind that I'm going to link to your post. And yes, like one of your readers, I thought how unfair, that life must go on. And it seems that it should not, but it does. You have said this beautifully and eloquently.

hugs my dear,

paperhill said...

how beautiful, i never met her but i can tell how much she was loved. i felt like the world should stop when i lost my grandfather this past summer he was a huge part of my life and i miss him terribly still but we must go forward, thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. hugs, susan

Maija said...

So beautifully stated, Dale. Hope has been the word to help me move forward since the death of my mother 2 years ago.

TxScrapAddict said...

Inspiring words. So very sorry for your loss.

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I never met Tina but was looking forward to her promise that we would in June. :o(

Your post was beautiful & touched me deeply...thank you for sharing it.

dix said...

Although I never had the privilege of meeting Tina, in reading her blog I could tell she was a very loving and talented person with a great sense of humor. I am so very sorry she is gone. And so very sorry for your loss.

Art Studio 522 said...

Very nicely said Dale. I did not ever meet Tina but heard good things about her. Her family and her are in my prayers. Perfect music on your site too.

Donna Goss

Alison Gibbs said...

Special words from the heart


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