Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That *&!$ glass IS half FULL!

Okay, so my kneecap is broken ... in half. So what? I am SERIOUSLY happy that this is all I am dealing with. As health issues go, it is not that bad. It is , afterall, fixable. I'll be fine, just gimpy for a while. I am thinking positive thoughts about all the digital work I can do now that I can't cook or do laundry. I refuse to feel sorry for myself! I mean, girls, imagine freedom from household chores for possibly MONTHS! How bad is that???
I have TEMPORARILY closed my Etsy shop for a few days so I don't get too far behind on orders. I will re-open ASAP... hopefully early next week.
And if I do get a little blue, I am going to order myself a MARIMBA!!
It is the sure route to Happy-Land!

My surgery is early tomorrow morning. The doc assures me he will be wide awake
and ready to piece me back together at 7:30. Then he is flying off to the
Napa Valley to buy some wine. Me? Oh, I think I'll just rest a bit.


Tina said...

Do I hear the pain meds talking??? lol..hope all goes well, prayers your way!! We don't like our "Cowgirls" wounded...hugs,t

Bellamere Cottage said...

Praying for a successful surgery and SPEEDY recovery. OUCH! I must say, I can totally sympathize with you....I fell on the concrete floor of my garage........I thought I had dislocated my kneecap, but no......shattered my femur. Same area however.....

I hope you have lots of fun little projects at the ready and loads of movies to entertain you. Do you have Netflix?? That was a godsend.

Hugs and comfort.


Sweetina said...

You are in my beddytime prayers tonight,Hon,and your doc will put you back together splendidly.
I am praying for your comfort as well.Each day will be better and better.Allow yourself to relax into the situation and try not to rush the healing process~because that will cause you frustration and could actually slow healing.
Let your body guide you.
All your clients,customers and friends are behind you 300%!
Pls don't put pressure on yourself about your shops and orders...we will all be here~just get well,Dale!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

Dale, I am wishing you a speedy recovery! I will send good vibes and Karma your way!
XOXO, Ann-Denise

mendytexas said...

Oh my friend...I am so sorry you have to go through all of this! I am thinking about you and wish you a super speedy recovery!! You better get well faster than lightening...Paper Cowgirl is waiting for you! Hugs, Mendy


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