Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I love color!

What on earth is more fun than playing with color? I love to sort things by color! My clothes and jewelry are all catagorized by color and even arrayed in rainbow order. Weird? Perhaps, but I LOVE the way it looks! I notice color everywhere and it delights me.

Today I played with color, working on digital orders. It was a cool, but beautiful day. Signs of spring are everywhere. If only our economy could be reborn along with the grass and flowers. I'm afraid it will not be so simple or swift as that.

I hope your Monday was colored with joy!


Moon Katty Studios said...

What is life without color? Like a song without music.

Moongrl722 said...

I almost called you Monday nite to say 'go take a pic of the sky!', but I was running my little star between rehearsal and gymnastics. Did you used to arrange your crayons in order, like a rainbow? I did. I still do. I love crayons!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Color makes the most gloom, doom,day shine, doesn't it?! And I love how you use color in your projects, Dale! You are so talented... and I'm so lucky to know you. ;)


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