Friday, May 30, 2008

the pinkest wings!

the pinkest wings!, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Look! Fairy wings! Find them here...


restocked!, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I am so happy to announce that I have restocked my shop with these gorgeous Marie Antoinette curly feather fans!! They are so pretty and I LOVE using the feathers in my creations. Find them here...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

remember who you are

remember who you are, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I am getting that fuzzy, disconnected feeling that comes over me when I have gone too long without creating. I have simply been too busy with family matters to carve out barely a moment in my studio. I know this is temporary, but I find myself a bit unhinged. The cure is a few uninterrupted hours with paper, scissors and some glitter, of course! Soon, soon...

Monday, May 26, 2008

my kind of magic!

my kind of magic!, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, I am taking care of the husband (still on crutches). He has physical therapy 3 days a week and I am going into work with him every day for a few hours. Somehow, though ,I have managed to make and tape up all these pendants. Now on to the soldering...
Yesterday afternoon I had a slight flash of semi-brilliance. I always feel bad when I stay inside on such a beautiful day, but I really needed to get started on my soldering. I have a show in 2 weeks. In a rare moment of clarity it dawned on me that I could sit OUTSIDE and solder! So, I gathered my soldering supplies, a cd player and an icy Miller Chill and soldered for a while in my backyard. Yes, it was warm, but I like that. I had my Flamenco music on and my view was my tiki bar, palm trees and flowers. What a lovely place to work! It made me remarkably happy and erased my guilt about wasting a gorgeous spring afternoon inside. I think I have discovered my backyard studio!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

tender hand

tender hand, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

pink field

pink field, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

I keep passing this beautiful pasture and telling myself that I need to bring my camera and get some pictures before the mounds of pink blooms are gone. Today I stopped and used my iPhone to take a few shots. It is a glorious sight, though my camera phone photo does not do it justice. Still, it is a good thing to stop by a sweet pink field and savor a moment of beauty.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

at last...

I am delighted to say that there has been a nice stretch of sunny, storm warning-free days here in north Texas! It is nice to simply enjoy the glorious blue skies and sleep without fear of tornadoes.
I am still playing nurse to the husband who is slowly recovering from his knee surgery. It has been a bit rough, but eventually he will be as good as new (or perhaps better!).
I am slaving away on pendants in preparation for Art Walk. I am nearly ready to... ugh... solder. I have over 100 ready, but still want to complete a few more so I don't have to do any for a while.
I am off to feast my eyes on the beautiful sky.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

another stormy night

It is hard to sleep when there is a tornado watch. One contemplates the closet under the stairs.
It has been a particularly stormy spring and I am, frankly, tired of these ugly weather maps with my town in the center...
I am off to dream of cloudless skies...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

sweet dreams...

Sparklette Joy, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

lucky me!

Having your birthday and Mother's Day one right after the other equals a very nice gift! I am such a gadget gal that an iPhone is the perfect present for me! This thing rocks! And it comes in handy, too since I washed my other phone in a load of laundry on Wednesday. Ooops!
Hope your mother's day is full of love and laughter!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

In sickness and in health...

So, I am working hard at my nursing duties. The husband is getting better, but this is not something that involves a fast recovery. He is being remarkably content considering how active he is normally. I am rather proud of him. He is being a good patient.
I did manage to tape up a few collage pendants this evening!! Yea!!! And the weather is gorgeous!! That always makes me happy.
Well, time to dole out the pain pills and tuck my patient in for the night.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

St. John~ One Particular Harbor

As you can see, I am sea dreaming again. This photo conjures memories of a most fabulous day in the incomparable Virgin Islands. This was our catamaran for a day sail that I wanted to last forever. Yes, the water is that blue, that clear and that calm. I would move there in a heartbeat.

Monday, May 05, 2008

sea dream studio

sea dream studio, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, the husband is improving... slowly. Had to redo his bandages today and it felt like an old episode of Twilight Zone... unrolling all that gauze and then... eeek! Looks like Frankenstein's knee... lots of staples! Poor guy. He is going to be in bed with his leg in a crazy orthopedic contraption for a while.
And my daughter has some sort of weird flu-type bug. I feel like I'm running a mini hospital here. Be kind to the next nurse you encounter. They work really hard! I must say I prefer being the nurse over the patient. I've had a enough of that to last me!!
Oh, yes, I forgot... my son Ian has a cold. I think we need a quarantine sign for the front door.
I feel fine.
So, have I made any art? No. Only the digital collage above. I'm too busy handing out meds, etc. Maybe tomorrow.
Art Fest looms and I need to get busy!
Off to dream of St. John... where I took the photo of the sailboat in the collage.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sparklette Sally

Sparklette Sally, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

The husband is feeling much better today. Seems that shot of morphine helped him over the hump. He still has a lot of recovery time ahead, but he is feeling a bit more human today.
It is a glorious spring day here in the Dallas 'burbs. I love hearing the sweet sound of lawn mowers and leaf blowers. To me it say... "summer is near!".
If my nursing duties will allow I hope to spend a little time in the studio today. I am starved for making art!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Canton report

So, Sis and I had a great time at Canton, though I think things were rather pricey. I imagine the vendors are trying to recoup their higher gas expenses. We were still able to find some treasures, though.
Canton is an experience. It's a bit county fair (complete with the carnies), a lot of yard sale,
a physical challenge (it is HUGE!) and a snapshot of Texas. One needs some recovery time after going, but the husband had his surgery bright and early the next day, so there was no rest for the weary. Before I return to playing Nurse Rachet, I mean Florence Nightengale, here's a look at my purchases...

Here are some raggedy dollies.

I found some great plastic flowers, a couple of birds, chandelier crystals, an angelic planter, little decoupaged jewelry box, golden candle holder, a nice framed print and a Masonic symbol.

Look! It is Marie Antoinette and her prissy husband! I adore them! I visited my key lady and found a some great rusty keys. The two "frozen Charlotte" doll heads were my first purchase. If you look below you will see that I had put 2 of them in the digital collage I posted before we went to Canton... then I found 2 just like them. WOW! I found a little vintage bling. Most of it was waaaay too expensive, but these few pieces were dirt cheap. There are 2 cute mini vintage glass bottles and a nice shabby rose thing.

I was on the hunt for religious objects, so I was pleased to find a crucifix, 2 statues, a plastic framed icon and a packet with a crumb of a relic and 2 holy medals. The candle stands will hold altered nests and I just thought the glass tray was sweet.

Here's a close-up of some fabulously shabby old plastic posies!!!

And... here's a funky plastic hula girl fan, a sweet figurine in a circle of glorious plastic roses, some teeny plastic deer, etc... and 3 wonderous pimp cups!!! Well, whatever they are... huge, crazy glass goblets that I have an obsession with. I have several already. They are so fun and look really pretty with seashells, floating blooms or a nice cocktail in them!!

So, it was a good, not great, shopping trip, but we had fun and I will enjoying creating with these wacky treasures!

Now, back to my patient. He is feeling pretty rough...

poor thing...

The husband's surgery (yesterday) was pretty involved. He has a spiffy rebuilt knee now that includes some grafts of his own parts and some others that were... donated (thank you!). He is having a rough time. Today we went back to the hospital and he got a shot of morphine. He is a pretty tough guy, but this is really whipping him at present. He has a pretty long recovery ahead of him. Right now I am just grateful when he can doze off for a little while.

Friday, May 02, 2008

it's all about timing, baby... timing...

FORT WORTH~ AP news~ The First Monday Trade Days in Canton was hammered by a tornado Friday morning, and two people were hurt, but the popular flea market was still open for business, according to reports.
The tornado was one of a couple twisters reported around 9 a.m. in Van Zandt and Smith counties.
They appeared to be small on weather radar, but the one in Van Zandt County was destructive, according to the National Weather Service.
Joe Harris, a meteorologist with the agency's office in Fort Worth, said that officials in Van Zandt County reported an overturned car and minor injuries around Canton. The city is about 50 miles east of Dallas.
The tornadoes developed as a cold front pushed east across North Texas and on into East Texas, Harris said.
"Thunderstorms fired up along it," Harris said, "and as it got to Canton one those storms decided to be the bad boy and got wrapped up. A tornado popped out of it."

So, Sis and I missed the Canton tornado by one little day! Shysters!!! Yikes! Egad! That is too close for comfort! Tornado season is kicking my butt!


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