Saturday, May 10, 2008

lucky me!

Having your birthday and Mother's Day one right after the other equals a very nice gift! I am such a gadget gal that an iPhone is the perfect present for me! This thing rocks! And it comes in handy, too since I washed my other phone in a load of laundry on Wednesday. Ooops!
Hope your mother's day is full of love and laughter!


Anonymous said...

Hey mermaid sis! long time no see(well hear from haha) How have you been busy I read! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! EEKKK I love birthdays! I have something in the mail for you didnt know it was a fellow mermaid birthday! you will love that iphone my sisterinlaw has one and OMG i love it!! now only if they would make a gadget to do that laundry... oh the dream of it! hehe big mermaid birthday hugs!


Heidi ( said...

oops! LOL

Happy Birthday!!!



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