Saturday, May 03, 2008

Canton report

So, Sis and I had a great time at Canton, though I think things were rather pricey. I imagine the vendors are trying to recoup their higher gas expenses. We were still able to find some treasures, though.
Canton is an experience. It's a bit county fair (complete with the carnies), a lot of yard sale,
a physical challenge (it is HUGE!) and a snapshot of Texas. One needs some recovery time after going, but the husband had his surgery bright and early the next day, so there was no rest for the weary. Before I return to playing Nurse Rachet, I mean Florence Nightengale, here's a look at my purchases...

Here are some raggedy dollies.

I found some great plastic flowers, a couple of birds, chandelier crystals, an angelic planter, little decoupaged jewelry box, golden candle holder, a nice framed print and a Masonic symbol.

Look! It is Marie Antoinette and her prissy husband! I adore them! I visited my key lady and found a some great rusty keys. The two "frozen Charlotte" doll heads were my first purchase. If you look below you will see that I had put 2 of them in the digital collage I posted before we went to Canton... then I found 2 just like them. WOW! I found a little vintage bling. Most of it was waaaay too expensive, but these few pieces were dirt cheap. There are 2 cute mini vintage glass bottles and a nice shabby rose thing.

I was on the hunt for religious objects, so I was pleased to find a crucifix, 2 statues, a plastic framed icon and a packet with a crumb of a relic and 2 holy medals. The candle stands will hold altered nests and I just thought the glass tray was sweet.

Here's a close-up of some fabulously shabby old plastic posies!!!

And... here's a funky plastic hula girl fan, a sweet figurine in a circle of glorious plastic roses, some teeny plastic deer, etc... and 3 wonderous pimp cups!!! Well, whatever they are... huge, crazy glass goblets that I have an obsession with. I have several already. They are so fun and look really pretty with seashells, floating blooms or a nice cocktail in them!!

So, it was a good, not great, shopping trip, but we had fun and I will enjoying creating with these wacky treasures!

Now, back to my patient. He is feeling pretty rough...

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mendytexas said...

OOH Great finds!! I think we should meet up at Round Top this summer!!! :)mendy


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