Saturday, November 17, 2007


irresistable, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Spent the day working on (not in) my studio space. It is an on-going quest of mine to make the space tidier and more functional. Mostly I move things around and vacuum up glitter.
My sweet daughter is stressing me out so much. She is going through an emotional growth spurt, I think. She is 18 and I am wishing that she was 4 today. I miss my little girl...


Alice W. said...

I am always trying to tidy up my studio too...what a pain!!! Good luck with the endeavor!

Just wanted to let you know I added you to my altered art blog!!! Love your work!

Little Pink Studio said...

Gosh, I so understand this post! I have 2 teen girls and I often find myself wishing they were still 4 years old!


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