Tuesday, November 13, 2007

collage on vintage tin

collage on vintage tin, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Well, it is November 13th and still wonderfully warm here in north Texas! Though I fight it, I truely hate cold weather and the long, bleak days of winter. And I don't like autumn. There I said it. It always feels so sad to me. Everything is dying... ugh.
I absolutely could not live one inch further north. One more day of chilly weather would kill me.
But, it is lovely now and I will survive the cold when it arrives.
I need an island, though... the sound of gentle surf on a sugar sand beach... my soul's harbor...


Sweet Remembrance said...

Warm here too, hot actually!
I am soo ready for the cold weather...I adore your tin collage, so very chic indeed!

Viola said...

Lovely piece! So wonderful!!

Alexandra Knittel said...

ohhh wow I love this fabric collage


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