Monday, November 19, 2007

chaos theory

Ugh... an artless day. Some bizarre urge came over me (probably started by a rainforest butterfly flitting about) and caused me to spend the entire day cleaning closets. Thank heaven my sis came over and helped me out. I was lying on a pile of wire hangers (ouch) and giving up around 3:00 when she arrived. Fortune was on my side as she had just come from therapy and was well prepared for the insanity of my cleaning binge.
The best thing was purging my outrageous heap-o-shoes and carting two sacks of them out to my car... next stop Goodwill. God, I hope I don't buy any of them back!
We have a big, cool closet under out stairs that Will loves to use as a camp. My sis named it The Nugget (?? size? tastes good??) and it is fitted out with a TV, PS2 and a pile of pillows and blankets. What more could an 11 yr old boy ask for? Anyhow, The Nugget falls into disrepair at times and becomes more like an actual closet... filled with crapola and unuseable as a boy-cave... so today I returned The Nugget to its favored state and I can now guiltlessly send my baby boy to the closet! Mom of the Year retains her crown and septor!!
So, all in all a good day... but tomorrow I must make art.

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Lilly*s of London*ish said...

You are toooo funny!


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