Saturday, August 21, 2010

not so fast...

School starts here on Monday for my 2 younger boys. Summer has flown by.
I wonder what it is like to not have the school calendar run your life...
It really is still summer until late September and here in Texas it stays
warm long past that time, but after school starts the lazy days are but a
sweet memory. I will miss the kids being home during the day, but it
will be good to plunge into all the projects I had set aside for the summer.
And some of those projects involve seashells and sand, so I will hold onto
to my favorite season a bit longer... ♥


Leah C said...

I'm like you...I try to hold onto summer for as long as I can:)

Charlene said...

It is marvelous to not have school rule your calendar!!! And all the things that go with it. But, enjoy these times for they fly by. Charlene


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