Thursday, August 05, 2010

hot, happy days...

I am so loving these beautiful, hot summer days!
Yes, it is the 100s, but I still love it!
I am busy making jewelry and graphic design creations.
And savoring every sun-filled day!
Tomorrow my sis and I are going to visit some
of our favorite haunts in search of treasures.
Every day is a gift for which I am so very grateful!
Hope you are also enjoying these fleeting summer days...


Leah C said...

Lovin' the hot summer sun, too:)

A Vintage Chic said...

Absolutely gorgeous image, Dale! Enjoy your special time with your sister--wish I lived closer to mine!


Alison said...

Hope you and your sister had a fun time treasure hunting

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks girls! We DID have fun and found some treasures!!

icandy... said...

oh, dale~
i haven't done a thing in this heat!!!
i need to get my crafty on!


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