Thursday, August 12, 2010

good Mojo...

Even though I am a bird owner, there is something about caging a wild and beautiful
creature that sits uneasy with me.
Our endearing parrot, Mojo, has gorgeous (unclipped) wings... vibrant green with a deep aqua underneath. When he flies around our home (he has a specific pattern or two that he flies) you can feel the power in those glorious wings as he passes over. It is amazing how much he churns the air.
We rescued Mojo and we love him. We try to give him the best life we can. He has a huge and splendid bowfront cage and we let him out as much as we possible. He has lots of toys and gets plenty of attention. He seems happy and healthy. He talks a lot! He would most likely not survive in the wild, so we try to make his caged life a good one.
I feel blessed to know this enchanting bird, to hear him speak and see him spread his wondrous wings and fly.


A Vintage Chic said...

Such a beautiful bird--love his name! He is very lucky to spend his life with someone who loves and appreciates him!

Hope your day is wonderful!



Dale, he is beautiful and fortunate to have a kind and compassionate caretaker! Thanks for sharing the photo! ~ Angela

Leah C said...

Mojo's a beauty...and a lucky bird:) Love that new banner of "dreamy"!

vivian said...

hes so pretty! My family is a parrot owning family.. uncles, aunts.. grandparents have always had them. I used to have smaller birds, and had a parrot of somesort when my first child was born.. (28 yrs ago!)He was mean though and I couldnt keep him. Ive not had a bird in about 8 years now I guess. Anyways, recently my grandmother died and my mother asked if I would like to adopt Buffy, her african grey. So i believe I will soon have a new family member and i am really looking forward to having her come here! She talks and likes to play, though apparently grandma never took her out of her cage. Well see, Once weve established some trust, I probably will. I'm really looking forward to having her. then I can post birdie pics too.
have a great day!


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