Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Guess what we woke up to in the Dallas suburbs this morning? Yup, snow! It was a gorgeous corn flake snow, big fluffy flakes that swirled down like little ballerinas! So pretty!! And best of all, it was gone by 10 am. Now it is crazy cold!!!! Feels like Christmas for sure!
I worked in my studio today and am just about ready for my show on Saturday. Hopefully this chilly weather will remind people that Christmas is just around the corner and they'll come out in droves to buy my wares!


The Lone Star Queen said...

It was great wasn't it? I'll post pictures later at my place. We are west of Dallas and our yard was actually white this morning when I left for work.

Leah C said...

Tht's the only kind of snow I like...the big, fluffy kind that melts as soon as it lands on the ground! We had some of that a few weeks ago; it is pretty:)

suzeeez said...

Love the photo !


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