Wednesday, December 30, 2009

old man winter

Amazingly we are having our second little snow storm in one week here in the Dallas suburbs!
Our pansies have been sweetly "sugared" and that marvelous hush that comes with snowfall has arrived. Our snow will be gone tomorrow, but it has been so pretty to watch the big, cottony flakes dash against the windows while a fire burned in our fireplace and a pot of chili simmered on the stove.
Hope things are cozy wherever you might be.
Stay warm.


Signs and Salvage said...

Although we RARELY see even a glimpse of snow here on the Central Coast of has been cold, gray and chilly for days. I LONG for the time to change...for those days that stretch out before you...children playing crazy until after 8pm. That is my favorite:) Although...January usually is beautiful here in Morro Bay & Cayucos...we need the rain so desperately, I don;t want to complainabout it:) Happy New Year to you!!

Leah C said...

Such a pretty those "sugared pansies"! Have a happy New Year:)


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