Monday, November 30, 2009

the halls are decked!

Thanksgiving was so nice. We went over the highway and through the woods to grandmother's(and grandfather's) house by the lake. We had exquisitely beautiful weather...balmy, in fact! The guys got to play and watch football and the gals worked on some crafts that I brought. Glitter was flying! And of course, we had a marvelous feast. All of my sweet kids were present and that is always a happy thing for me! I am thankful for so much... family, friends and this beautiful life!

Saturday was spent decorating the house and I AM DONE! The house is twinkly and bright! Now on to shopping which I hope to finish soon.

I have a show this weekend, so I am busy making a few more creations. I never start on Christmas projects early enough. I am always in denial that summer is over well into November!

I have lots of pretty shop and blog banners in my Etsy shop, so if you need a new look please visit me here... Sea Dream Studio Etsy shop .

Happy Monday, my friends!



Anonymous said...

Hey sweets! Love the houses! so sprakly just what I think of when I think of you! hehe I am glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Big hugs


debsea said...

how do you manage to get everything done that you do?? i have been running between my studio/laundry room and the xmas decoration a result i have a lot of unfinished projects everywhere and a show looming in front of me...aahhhhgh. you are inspiring.

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks Sarah! xoxoxo

Debsea~ LOL! You should see my studio! It is a disaster... a pretty one, but a disaster nonetheless. And believe me, I am ALWAYS doing laundry!! But thanks for the kind words. I do stay busy!

Leah C said...

Sounds like you had a very Happy Thanksgiving:) Love that "winter wonderland"!


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