Monday, October 05, 2009

making sunshine

The weather report is rather daunting this week... rain, rain, rain. It MUST be gone by Friday afternoon when the art show that my pal Jana and I are in begins. I am putting that request out into the universe (and one for world peace while I'm at it). In exchange I will not moan (much) about the horrid grey skies and cooler temps.
Above is my new business card that I whipped up for the show. I have LOTS of items for this show and I should be pricing them right now. I really don't enjoy that part, but it must be done.
I have shrines and collages, jewelry out the wazoo and all sorts of crazy creations. I am so excited about our booth design which is a Day of the Dead ofrenda. I think it will be fun and perfect for the season.


vivian said...

I'll send up a prayer for perfect weather! take lots of pics for us and have fun!

avalonrosedesign said...

LOVE your new card! Awesome! We've got rain here too (blech), so I feel your pain. :)



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