Sunday, October 18, 2009

bad piggy!

Ah, well... looks like the dreaded swine flu has visited our house. My daughter, Kate (20), was diagnosed with N1H1 flu on Friday. She is doing okay, even seems a bit better today. Luckily she has not had any of the respiratory symptoms. Our house reeks of Lysol and hand sanitizer! We are all being super cautious and Kate is basically in lock-down. Her bedroom and bathroom are on a little hallway upstairs and away from the rest of the house, so she is resting in her "cell" with me waiting on her while holding my breath!!
The past week was spent watching the &*$#*%$ rain (until Friday) and recovering from my art show. It took me several days to thaw out!! I did get my summer clothes put away (so sad...).
Hopefully I will accomplish a lot more this week. My friend Jana and I are working on a joint venture~ a new Etsy shop featuring our funky shrines, Frida art and other things Mexican!!
It has been wonderful to have some sunshine here after what felt like a month of gloom!!!
God, I hate fall and winter... Sorry, all you cold weather lovers~ It just doesn't work for me. I will be cold from now until April.


Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

hey, darlin', i'm really sorry your daughter has little piggy flu. seems like little piggy things are hitting around her and me! LOL

your plans for your new etsy shop sound exciting!
i hope you're not going to be too busy to get together when i come up to take tina her window gate - we could have some fun!

xoxo, jan

Leah C said...

Wishing your daughter well...and hoping the rest of the family doesn't get attacked by that "bad piggy"! Sending sunshine your way:)

Michelle said...

cute pic! and hope you feel better soon!

vivian said...

Glad your daughter didnt get hit too hard. My second and youngest both were diagnosed with it with in the last 6 weeks or so. but neither of them was Officially tested for it. but the doctor told them that was what they had.
mY husband called today from work and warned me that everyone where he is working was sick.
nice. nice that they all came to work to pass it around. dumbies!
eiy yie yie! So I'm sending up some prayers that we dont get it.
have a sweet week!


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