Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Greetings

Halloween is here and it is NOT raining! Yea! It will clear and a bit chilly for tonight's trick-or-treaters, but dry!! After the monsoons we've had this month, that sounds wonderful!
I have a graveyard (complete with fog and creepy sound effects) to construct today. Should be fun and just scary enough to spook the little ones.
I have to work on costume... a fallen angel, zombie, something-or-other that lurks in faux graveyards. Will (my youngest) is also a zombie/reaper, so if you come by my house prepare to be terrified!
Hope your Halloween is fun, safe and a tad horrifying!


Twinkle Pink said...

You know trick or treating is not a British thing but popped out to the corner shop and there are kiddies everywhere, even my own too were hogging the mirror to get the best twilight look they can get and then headed off to parties.

What it is to be young again lol.

happy halloween
Ginny x

Leah C said...

And a Happy Halloween to you:)

Flor Larios Art said...

Have a super Halloween!


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