Friday, October 09, 2009

channeling Frida

So, Jana and I survived our first day at the Watters Creek Art Show. It was CRAZY cold, but we had mucho fun!!! Tomorrow it will be SUNNY and warmer!!! YEA!!!! Our booth looks good and we are looking forward to a great day! Jana's cutiepie daughter, Chloe, was our helper!!
And she provided us with live entertainment!
Here's Frida/Jana in all her glory! xoxo
Chloe and I glittered the floor (street) of our booth.
My boots has sparkly soles!!!! YEA!!!
Our ofrenda!!!!!
And here's little ole me. You can't see the icicles hanging off of me.
I was seriously frozen... but HAPPY!
Life is GOOD!


Leah C said...

Love those sparkly boots:) Wishing you warmth...

Cathy said...

Dale, You look like you might be a little nippy, but your lips aren't purple quite yet.

I hope the festival was a great success.

xo Cathy

Attic Rat said...

Your booth is MARVELOUS!

Great big smiles,

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

OH so many festivals I'm missing right now.... ;) Looks like you had a wonderful booth, Dale! LOVE the "glittered soles"... hey, that gives me an idea! lol Miss your sweet spirit...hope all is well with you, health and everything!!
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

debsea said...

gosh i love your work. if we promised to keep you warm & dry, would you come up here & do a workshop for some fisherwomen??

Tammy said...

Love your booth and the glittery soles of your feet. How fun!


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