Monday, April 06, 2009

This is me right now... a little isolated and lonely, in a fog, being still and quiet...
waiting for sunshine and favorable winds to come my way.
I don't mean to be whiney! I totally get that a broken kneecap
is just a little molehill in the world of illness, not a mountan
like so many other things would be. I will heal and be fine
and I am so very grateful for that!
But, in truth, I am a lousy patient.
I so dislike this drug-fog I am in. I hate not being able
to take care of my house and family... or climb the stairs
to my studio. I am striving for patience.
On Wednesday I start physical therapy, which will certainly
lift my spirits. I want to participate and accelerate my recovery
as much as possible.
I am so deeply grateful for my sweet and loving family and friends.
The comments left here brighten my days more than you
can imagine. I am feeling well enough to do some beading and digital
work... and the sun is out.


vivian said...

hang in there darling! I'm a lousy patient too.. I want to do things myself.. when I want to do them! but at least you can work on your digital orders and do your beading. How awful if you couldnt! eh! we all have to whine once in a while.. I think you actually have a wonderful out look on your situation! but it does suck that it had to happen.

Sweetina said...

What Vivian Said!
You definately have a right to feel the way you is hard being immobile and "helpless" and wanting to be back to normal yesterday. I think you have a very good outlook and it's only normal to get down in the dumps,Sweets. You will be back in the sunshine and ratrace soon...remember to take it slow so you don't reinjure yourself with over enthusiasm by doing too much too soon with your knee.
By SUmmertime you will be enjoying the fair winds and Summer breeze!

Tina said...

You'll make it Dale! Hang on!! Hugs,t

Geralyn Gray said...

I hope you feel yourself real soon.

Annabelle said...

Hi Dale,

Life is quite curious at times and now this is too much to even think that something like this is happening to me as well. Somehow I have a left knee issue now that is interfering with my life at the moment, only it isn’t broken but impossible to walk on. My problem may be a injured meniscus but if it doesn’t go away by next week they will have to see if that’s what it really is, probably surgery, in the mean time I’m all alone during the day…kids at school and hubby away for the week at work.

Good news is he is coming home this Wednesday. I know exactly what you mean about the meds and the housework but this morning when I tried to stand up I buckled over in terrible pain and my daughter ran for the computer chair with the wheels….lol. I did break down but like you said, so many things could be worse, only this is no fun! My daughter and son at the moment are calling me “House” with the left knee ailment and all of the meds I’m on, at least somebody is having fun.

And guess what I just got a 22 inch monitor from hubby on Saturday and I don’t think I’ll be spending hours like I have in the past weeks…don’t like working on the lap top. Anyway I just thought you might be not feeling so all alone when you hear there are others who can relate to your situation. One good thing about here is the weather feels like autumn so easier to be bed ridden…for length of time I hope not too long.
Hang in there Dale and keep creating your beautiful art!

Hugs Annabelle

ms.cheryl said...

I know just how you feel. I'm use to being the nurse not the patient (knee replacement in January).I've been off work 11 weeks and it's making me CrAZy. To make matters worse I don't think I'm ready to go back to work next week. Not a 12hour shift. I go back to the doctor Thursday for xrays and his opinion as to when I return to work.
I know that yucky drug feeling but it is a neccessary evil.Remember you can cut your pills in half.I use half strength during the day and full strength at night. You might try half every other dose. And definitely take your pain med 1 hour before physical therapy. Plan your med so you are sure to be able to take it the hour before PT.
Keep up the good attitude!! That is half the battle. ms.cheryl

Anonymous said...

aww my mermaid sis! I wish we were in the ocean then ya would of never broke that knee! one day huh! :) I know you will be climbing those stairs to your studio faster then you think!! Big BIG mermaid hugs!


Leah C said...

Hang in there...this too shall pass:) Soon, you'll be mended and off to enjoy sunny days!

cindy said...

Hang in there dearie! You will soon be in the swim of things again. But I understand, as I am the worst of the worst when it comes to having patience! Could someone bring you a little pad and a few crayola's to pass the some hours? I hope so. Hang in there!


Jamie said...

Hey there sweetie! I am so sorry you are having deal with this. You could pretend you are on a Staycation where you can do all the digital and beading work your heart desires. I know. So not the same. Take it easy at physical therapy tomorrow:) If you send me your email address I will send you some of my new digital collage sheets to play with:)


Stacy/Creativemuse said...

Oh poor dear~ I was on bed rest for 2 of my pregs and feeling healthy but stuck does suck. although you can get papery things done....reading unless it's eye candy can be frustrating!..I had a little lap desk with a set paper project(if it wasn't confined it would grow hugely hehehe)
you make lovely things good luck!


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