Monday, April 13, 2009

still here...

Yes, I'm still here, healing, trying to stay cheerful. Pain is still an issue and the nights
are long. I have had another excursion. Went to Michael's with my sis on Saturday.
I don't last very long. Between the tightness and the weight of my brace, my fatigue
and the pretty much constant pain in my knee... well, I am only good for a short trip.
But, it is so good to get out!
PT is going well and I can really see that it helping me already. It is utterly exhausting,
but I feel like I am inching my way toward wellness and that is a good thing.
I have been working on some jewelry projects. My sis and I are hoping to go to the Dallas
Bead Show next month. I am going to hunt down a wheelchair and rob a bank
and we'll be set!!!
I've also felt like doing a bit of digi work. There are some new banners in my Etsy shop.
God, I love this laptop!!!
I am thankful every day for my wonderful friends and family
who take such good care of me and lift my spirits
with their kindness and love.
Look! Do these crutches rock, or what??
Yep, it's come to this... LOL!


Leah C said...

Still wishing you a speedy recovery! Those red crutches rock:)

cindy said...

*sigh* leave it to you to find the coolest crutches. LOL. Glad you are mending, slowly but surely. Hang in there.


Sweet Remembrance said...

Dale..Think of you!
Hope your running full boar soon!


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