Saturday, April 18, 2009

take that!

Here I am almost a month after I broke my kneecap, 3 weeks after my surgery and I am struggling with being patient. I am getting better, but I still have a lot of pain which means I am still taking pain meds which, while they help with the pain, make me feel sort of lousy and cause havoc to my tummy. And being trapped at home... well, it wears thin... Oh, blah, blah, blah...
I am sorry to whine, but it has been a achy day and I dread night. Boy, do I sound like a baby!!!

Oh a brighter note, I did lots of beading today and made a few banners that I listed in my Etsy shop. I feel like this laptop is my link to the outside world. I love it like a baby! LOL!
I learned a lot about Alaska today, watching the Discovery Channel. What a brutal place! Bears, avalanches, crazy weather... ugh! It is very interesting, but not a place I have any desire to visit. Give me a turquoise sea and sandy beach. I'll leave the grizzlies and icebergs to braver souls!

Well, I am off to fight the battle of sleep vrs pain. Hopefully sleep will win and I'll have some sweet dreams of driving my car and taking a walk!!


Le_Vintage said...

i just love that photo it is soooo cute! i hope youre kneecap feels better soon, sounds like someone needs a romantic night on the beach from the hubby

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Dear girl! I am sooo sorry it is getting you down. Hmmm... I have an idea or two. So, I am putting them in my cyber carebasket for you. Put a prism or five in your window (ala Pollyanna) think of a favorite memory with flowers, have the loves in your life try to get those flowers for you and place them in your room, (even if it is only the same color or feel, it will do) I send you three wishes, as well, they come from the heart so with each slowly thought out wish, close your eyes, think deeply of a grateful thought, moment, breath, and make your wish. They will most definitely come true if you do this. Last, set out your most beautiful bowl and carefully place in it beautiful things that represent the true things that you love and your mood will soar and not dip for a long time. I know this to be true.
I send you these things and know that it will be slow and you will always feel that twinge, but, maybe, just maybe, that twinge can flow up to that dear heart of yours and awaken your spirit for with a deep truly lived life there will always be twinges of pain. But, the sun will shine again.
Blessings from Amy.

mendytexas said...

I sure hope you feel better soon! Better get that kneecap in working order...only a few months til Paper Cowgirl and shopping like crazy!! Feel better my friend!

Leah C said...

You're not being a're in pain:( I do hope the pain eases up soon & that you'll be back on your feet in no time:)

vivian said...

being the patient is never fun..
alaska does not appeal to me either, but they say it is an absolutely gorgeous place.. I'm with you though.. and cant wait for summer weather and the beach!
hang in there!
have a sweet week!

ms.cheryl said...

Dale, you sound like I did at 3 weeks post op. I too would not have suevived without my laptop and I am computer-challenged. I was determined I would return to work at 12 weeks post op... NOT! My doc said I'll be off til July and I had my knee replaced in January. I've decided I will quit feeling frustrated, it's a negative , non-productive attitude. I will embrace my time off as a gift from God to slow me down and enjoy.As for pain meds, they are a neccessary evil. As a nurse I always tell my heart bypass patients to take thier pain meds every 4 hours for the first few days then stretch the times out to every 6 hours for a few days. Eventually by about day 10-12or so you won't need them as regularly but at least take a couple at bedtime so you'll get a decent night's sleep and 1 or 2 at breakfast so you can get your day started. You may or may not need 1 in the middle of the day. I am still taking mine at bedtime and at breakfast. When I try not to I end up ruining a good day and night. Don't try to wean off the meds if your knee is still screaming at you.Being a nurse I have taken care of drug seekers and I am cautious of that. Orthopedic surgeries are very painful and that pain cannot be ignored. Take care of your pain before physical therapy too so you can work hard. 3 weeks post op is still in the acute phase, take your meds girl. Don't try to be stoic, there is no gratification in that. ms.cheryl

Attic Rat said...

I am praying for your quick and complete recovery!


My Crafty Little Page said...

Holy cow, Dale, I'm just reading today about your knee and your surgery. Take care of the pain to do your PT. How awful to have a healthy knee and then have that happen. My knee was sooo painful before my knee replacement that I at least had the idea eventually it would be better than before. I am so careful with my other knee now because I NEVER want to go through that again. Day surgery for that is idiotic and take the pain meds as long as you have pain. I am so looking forward to seeing you at PC and I'm sending healing thoughts your way! Blessings to you, Nancy


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