Saturday, September 27, 2008


Paper Cowgirl ROCKED and in spite of the fact that all my class participants are looking at me like "What the...??", I think my class went well!! I was nervous, but coffeed up enough to blunder on and those sweet gals made some beautiful lanterns!!! What a perfectly delightful weekend!

I want to saty a HUGE thank you to Cindy and Tina who worked their butts off to pull this retreat together! And they are already planning for a bigger and better Paper Cowgirl next summer!! You girls ROCK!

Also many thanks to all of you who shopped my goods at vendor night! All of you were so sweet and funny!! And to those of you who endured my class... love you so much!!!! XXXXOOO!!!

And let me say thanks to The Crafter Scrapper which is the BEST shop in the world and hugs to Heidi!

And... big love and hugs to my sweet pal Laurie who chaufffered me around and is the bested girl in the whole world!

Love all of you to pieces!!!

More pictures soon, but I am off to enjoy a bubble bath!!!


Leah C said...

Sounds like Paper Cowgirl was a success! Good for you:)

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

so fun to meet you and Laurie. LOVED the stuff at Vendor night. I still have one in my head calling at me!!

My Crafty Little Page said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the whole weekend, girlfriend. I adore my lantern and the whole weekend. We got home about 1:30 - slept in our clothes, except for me - I'm still in my pajamas this fine Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much for your wonderful lantern class. I'll put pictures up next week. :)Nancy

cindy said...

Ohmygawsh! What a stinkin BLAST! we had! Like you guys, I'm so tired...I can't decide if I should sleep or be slapped! LOL. But soooo much cooool eye candy on Friday night, and what a creative buzz on Sat. I'm so taking classes next time. LOVE my kit...I do want another! And Laurie...what a doll! I'm gonna hollar at you two in the next couple of weeks, will y'all meet me for lunch in McK and we will give a sad salute goodbye to Clydes and then go have lunch! : D

Love you guys,

PS YOU rock!

Heidi said...

Dale, it was great to meet you and Laurie! You girls were to much FUN!!! Thanks for the comment! Now that my understanding is better of the whole event, I hope to be able to participate some at the next event, rather than just working!
Heidi C

Valita said...

Dale I had so much fun in your class and can't wait to finish my lantern. And I LOVE the little birdy I bought!! Please keep me updated if you teach anywhere else.


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