Monday, September 29, 2008

hanging with Tim Holtz

hanging with Tim Holtz, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Okay, so I'm posting this photo as evidence that I did indeed have a class with the marvelous Tim Holtz. This is for Heidi at The Crafty Scrapper who was certain that if Tim was in Texas she would have known it! LOL!! I'll give you a heads up next time he's in town, sweetie!! ;)


*SHeRRy B* said...


Leah C said...

Lucky you! How great was his class? I just love his work...of course, yours isn't too shabby, either:)

Lola Enchanted said...

Lucky girl!!!!
It's okay to pose!!!!

I love your top your wearing!!!!

Heidi said...

OMG! Girl you slay me!!!!! He is just to stinkin cute for words!!!! Please let me know, if T!M is in Texas and I do not know again I think I will have a heart attack!!!!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

I totally missed this conversation at the Crafty Scrapper! You better let us all know when he's back in Texas! I wanna come! ;)
GReat picture,Dale!

Tina said...

I'm sooo jelly..I want to be T!m when I grow up..

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks all! He really is a sweet, inspiring, fun guy!


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