Thursday, September 11, 2008


This can't be good. And a lot of these same folks evacuated just a week or so ago. Sarah (Gypsy Mermaid) is one of them. My thoughts and good wishes are with everyone in this storm's path. And also, I am thinking about the people of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico and my beloved Caribbean islands, some of whom, have already felt this storm's wrath. Most of these people have little to begin with and nowhere to go when these storms strike.
Between this weather and the anniversary of 9-11, this is a day to think of others.


signsoftimensuch said...

My prayers have been with all of these people for weeks on end..I cannot imagine going throught this over and over..God is in control..hugs and prayers, cheryl

Leah C said...

Thinking of everyone in Ike's path...& praying for the storm to weaken and not do much harm.


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