Monday, September 08, 2008

more digital work

winged girl WM LG, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

It is a quiet and rather dreary Monday here in the Dallas suburbs. Of course, the Cowboys won yesterday and that always helps lower the road rage volume. A feeling of goodwill seems to desend upon the populace for about a 24 hour period so that's nice. I am not personally very into football, but I live in a place where I probably be arrested for saying such a thing.
So, my worthless dogs are napping, the dryer is humming, all is calm. I am alternating between housework (forgive me for saying that naughty, bad word!) and Paper Cowgirl prep. And making a digital creation when the mood strikes me.


Alberta and Ava said...

Love this banner, the colors!

art-creations said...

i love it too!your banners are beautiful!!Love all


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