Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paper Cowgirl

Paper Cowgirl, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ok, I am getting really excited about Paper Cowgirl now that I know what I'm going to teach! LOL! I have so many ideas, but I think I have decided on something pretty cool. I am finishing my samples this weekend and will have a class description, supply list and PICTURES by early in the week.

My 15 (almost 16, he'd want me to say) yr. old son, Ian, is off to the Big Apple for a week. It is a choir trip. He gets to go to Shea Stadium, sing at Ground Zero, tour Radio City Music Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center and much more... but the thing that I am most jealous of... he is going to see "Wicked"! Now, teenage boys are not all that up on the coolest Broadway musicals, but I do hope he enjoys the show. I just spoke to him on the phone and he was at a Starbucks somewhere in Manhattan. Tough life that kid has, huh?
The husband and our youngest son are off to see "Batman"- a bit too dark for me, plus there's a "Deadliest Catch" mini-marathon on tonight, so I stayed home. My daughter Kate is working, so I am actually home alone. EEEK! That's pretty rare.
Well, I am off to work on my class examples. My glue gun is calling...


TheTatums said...

Wish I could come to the retreat! I grew up about 20 miles from there & my parents still live there. But now I live in Northern CA.

Have fun in Waxahachie!

Packsaddle said...

Do you have a permit for that glue gun?

(just kidding)

Good luck with your class, Dale.

kayellen said...

Hi Dale!

Nice to meet you! Lovely blog...
Your art is very nice too!
I will visit again and see you in flickr land:)


Suzie Button said...

Hello, Dale! I was trying to find out more details on the Cowgirl Art classes in Waxahachie. Do you know where we're supposed to send fees for the individual classes? Maybe I'm missing it! I live in Garland, a suburb in Dallas, and a girlfriend and I want to come! If you know more, I'd appreciate if you emailed me at! You can also "meet" me at my blog at thanks! Look forward to your class!


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