Wednesday, June 25, 2008


journal , originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Well, let's see...first of all my son is home from Costa Rica!! Yea! He had a wonderful time in the rainforest and he brought me lovely, thoughtful gifts. I'll post photos soon. I am so happy to have him home, safe and sound! He leaves for NYC in a few weeks.
I actually made some art today! JOY! I also made a big mess, but it seems I can't do one without the other. My work table is covered in glitter, ribbons, paper snips and a million other delicious things. Sigh... if only I didn't need to sleep...

Oh, and if you wondered... the pic of Tim Holtz and I is from a workhop my pal Laurie and I took a year or so ago. I was just remembering how sweet, fun and inspiring he is! Love you, Tim! XXOO


Anonymous said...

I love your digital art! its soo amazing! I am glad your son is home safe and sound I cant wait to see what he brought ya back! big big hugs!


Leah C said...

Happy to hear your son has returned & had fun in Costa Rica:) Love your digi-art:)

Miss Sandy said...

It is nice to have our chicks safe ans sound in the nest isn't it? Love the journal pages! I am just not that technical, I'd love to be able to create like that on the computer but alas, the technology gene was not included in my DNA!


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