Thursday, June 19, 2008

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

So, Ian left yesterday afternoon for San Jose and beyond. He has not called home yet and I am getting anxious to hear from him. I was not suprised that he didn't call last night as their flight was arriving at 9 pm. They had to clear customs, get to their hotel and have orientation... but tonight I really hope he calls. I am missing him and just need to hear his voice.


Packsaddle said...

Relax, Mom.

Everything is okay.

He has so much to absorb over there.

Give him some time.

You love him, he loves you.

Nothing is changing.

Tricia Samsal said...

Hello, I watch your typepad from time to time and just wanted to drop a note to you about this post. My son is half Costa Rican(Dad's side) and he has been to Costa Rica several times. He loves it! He even stayed there for a few months and worked in a call center there. There are so many beautiful places to see there. YOur son will love it. I have been there twice myself. The beaches are my favorite, nice warm water and smooth sandy beach. The people there are very nice, very helpful. If he can, it would be great for him to go to the tree canopy swings. You get in a harness and swing from tree to tree in the rainforest! My son loved that place. The volcanoes are amazing,too. Sorry, I'm rambling. He will call soon. One Mom to another. They drive us crazy!
Tricia S.


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