Monday, February 04, 2008


No, no... no mumps, but perhaps a quarantine is in order! I DID have the wretched stomach bug.
It was fast and furious... 2 days of misery and then a jubilant re-entry into the land-o-the-living!
But, my poor little Will... he had the stomach beast last week and today he has fever, a cough, headache and a sore throat. He got sick in like 2 hours time! Amazing! I thought he looked tired and next thing you know he is asleep with a 103 temp! We are off to good old Dr. Minsky in a little while.
I have managed to add a few (germ-free , I promise) items to my shop including
these fun tickets.
Hope your day is happy and HEALTHY!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hope your little guy feels better soon- poor little fella. I LOVE your new tickets! I hope nobody buys them up before I get a chance!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun! I hope you kick that nasty bug and your lil man gets better too!! Those tickets are awesome! what is that a stamp? must share secret! haha love the baskets too! I have been busy went to mardi gra yesterday and I have been making a magazine of my products been making things to go into my etsy store that im going to open when I get some things made! wish me luck withthat I might be asking for some help! haha get better and hugs!


Sea Dream Studio said...

Michelle~ Oh, thank you! He has the flu!! Poor thing!
Glad you like the tickets! They were fun to make!

Sarah~ Thank you! I am well, but Will is pretty sick. I am playing nurse this week, I suppose.
I made the tickets using my "old school" Print Artist. I love that program and use it more than Photoshop (which I have yet to master) Just played with some frames, fonts and graphics. Took a while, but they were fun. I think I'll make some mermaid ones in blues and greens!!


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