Friday, February 15, 2008


2007 tried to kill me... literally and emotionally. Well, 2007 can kiss my a*$!! 2008 is going to be a whole new ballgame! As part of my new life I am reworking my entire house. My studio space is torn up right now as I (and my sister, bless her heart!! Love you, Sissy!!) totally makeover my life! I am ready to be more organized and less burdened by STUFF! Oh, now I love my stuff, but there is a lot I need to let go. I am emotionally and spiritually ready to fly and I cannot be burdened by chaos, be it creative chaos or just your garden variety mess.
So, I am not able to create right now (aaarrgg!), but in a way this is creative. I am creating a living, woking space that is free from clutter and the weight of too much crap.
Soon I will be posting "after" photos of my new, beautiful studio.
I'm off to fill trash sacks!!!


what's in a name? said...

I am thinking, I need a job with your trash collector! Seriously, love your work! I told another new blog friend that I couldn't wait till spring break to visit my in-laws in Dallas (and go to Round Top!) so I could check out downtown McKinney - haven't been there in years - and look for your things in Market Square!

Miss Sandy said...

I agree with the comment above, what day is your trash day? All kidding aside, Today I featured your blog, linked it, and posted two of your mermaid grottos. Your work is beautiful. Have a great weekend!

Jeanne said...

I hear ya, Dale! I went through a similar clutter clean out in my studio. (I still feel I should have gotten rid of more.) Now I need to tackled the rest of my house. I'll keep checking your blog for updates on this project in hopes that it will give me some motivation.
I just got the Marie Antionette embellishment package in the mail today. Everything looks wonderful...thanks!
xo jeanne

mendytexas said...

OOH la la...what GREAT loot! I could have so much fun playing with ya! :)mendy

Sea Dream Studio said...

Hey girls~ I am NOT getting rid of the stuff in the picture! Those are my treasures!!! LOL!
I AM getting rid of a lot of stuff though. My house feels lighter already!!!
hugs to all!~dale

Contessa Kris said...

Other than the comment about the trash bags which just about made me cry, congrats on the studio clean out! My mind is going crazy thinking 'what is she putting in the trash bags and what might I have used from it?!' lol Have fun organizing!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Have no fear Kris~ I am throwing out all my yucky mismatched containers and some junk... no treasures!!
Thanks for stopping by!!


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