Monday, February 18, 2008

making progress

Still have lots to do, but I am beginning to see some progress
in my studio re-do. I am off to buy more jars and photo boxes.
It is a lovely day here. I am so ready
to have this work done so I can create!


Scrappy Jessi said...

look pretty good so far!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks Jessi!! I am getting a bit bogged down sorting sequins and charms and little bitty things!! I am happy though that I am making progress!! I am discovering so many cool things that I had forgotten that I had!!!

Katie Runnels said...

I am so jealous of your jars! Way to go! I keep meaning to do the same but my attempt at jars are all a mixed-up mess-half dumped out everywhere.

Joanna "Rowan" Mullane said...

You are farther along than I am !! =) I love, love, love, your creations. May I please add your blog link to my blog? Have a beautiful day! Joanna-An Altered Fairy Tale

Natasha Burns said...

WOW brilliant! Want to fly over to Australia and sort out my stuff???

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks girls!

Natasha~ Send me a ticket! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was That organized! It has been my winter project not getting to far!


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