Tuesday, February 19, 2008

studio revamp

studio revamp, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Ah, order!! Still have LOTS to do, but bit by bit things are becoming orderly!! My sweet sissy has worked like a trojan helping me!
I am so tired it is absurd! But it is a good tired. We accomplished a lot today.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hi dale!
i got my package yesterday! thanks for the little extras, i love that ornament. thanks! im feeling better everyday!
your a doll.
can't wait to see your finished studio.

Holly (Nickname) said...

Just stumbled upon your pictures on Flickr...Everything is lovely. I put you on my Fav's in my blog...Come visit!
I am a lover of the sea and all of her treasures, too. ALWAYS adored mermaids and have been facunated with them. See my mermaid mosaic on flickr...
oh so very... is my Flickr name.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
xxxooo Ruth

mendytexas said...

I LOVE LOVE old books too...can't get enough of them! :)mendy

Sea Dream Studio said...

Jessi~ Oh, I'm glad your things arrived!!! hugs!!

Ruth~ Your blog is lovely. I will look for you on Flickr!

Mendy ~ I am addicted to Half Price Books. I have too many books, but I can't help myself!

Anonymous said...

oh wow dale! lookie lookie organization!!! what do you do make copies of the pages or do you ripe them out and use them?
I think we were from the same hatching under the sea haha same favorites same crafts same mermaid love! hmmm something very fishy is going on here hahahaha...


Sea Dream Studio said...

SaraH~ Sometimes I make copies, but a lot of times I rip the books up. I know that is not for everyone, but I think if the books "live on" in art form that is cool. I LOVE books!!!


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