Sunday, January 27, 2008

FLY collage

FLY collage, originally uploaded by Sea Dream Studio.

Just added this collage to my shop.

After a VERY foggy morning, we had a most lovely and warmish day here... in the 60s!! My friend, Laurie and I hung out. She is teaching full-time now and I miss her so much! She is like a sister... as nutty as me, poor thing. We went to JoAnn's and bought craft supplies, because neither of us have any at all... okay, that was a lie. We had a lot of fun being mesmerized by any and everything that had a speck of glitter, a sequin or a rhinestone. How sad life would be without a dear friend that is as easily amused as I am!!


Rose Garden Romantic said...

What a beautiful collage!! Clara the crowned wren is adorable, too! I too am easily entertained looking at sparkley goodies at Joann's!

Miss Sandy said...

I just found your web site through flickr and I love your art work. I popped over for a visit to your studio and was wowed by your beautiful creations. I'd like to add you to my Firends to Visit on my blog and feature you in a post. May I have permission to do so and us one or two of you photos in the post with a link back to you?

Miss Sandy

MaryEllen said...

Hi Dale,
Thanks for the birthday wishes!
Hope you have a great Birthday too!
....right behind me too?.. ohh well. Nothing much we can do right?

Always love your Blog, and your art is always so gorgeous!!
take care girlfriend!


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