Saturday, January 26, 2008


I have created a new species... the pink crowned wren. Find her in my shop.

Our snowstorm turned out to be only a dreary rain. Today though was sunny and getting warmer. Should be 70 tomorrow. That makes me very happy.
Made art today while the boys (dh and 3) sons went tool shopping for the oldest. Kate scampered off to hang out with friends, so had a quiet afternoon. Spent way too long on iTunes.
Thankfully my entire household is healthy again.
My son Ian (15) is going to Costa Rica this summer with a group of science students. I am very excited for him. He will visit a volcano & a butterfly preseve, study ecology, hike in the jungle, fly through the Monteverde Cloud rainforest canopy on a zipline... while I am at home swallowing tranquilizers! I spent some time researching the trip online today. It looks awesome, but of course it is going to be tough to let him go so far away. Oh, well... it is in June, so I'll wait a bit to really start worrying!

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