Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh, it is crazy-cold here!! Very rough on us mermaid-types!! I am feeling very far away from the equator... I need a nice salt-tinged southern breeze and swaying palm right about now.

I have added some new items to my shop today (link at your right). I love collaging on this vintage farmhouse tin. It is so beautifully weathered. Wish I could fare so well...
I also made a special order birthday tiara and wand today and puttered up to McKinney to deliver it to the shop. I swiped my daughter's shearling coat so as not to perish in the cold. I may keep it. It is wonderfully warm!
I am off to cook some chow for the familia... I hate to cook, but at least I can stand by the oven and pretend I am feeling that heat from an island breeze. Perhaps a Miller Chill will add to the ambience...

Stay warm, my friends.

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