Sunday, November 08, 2009

After an utterly dreary, wet October, November has been a delight so far! Warm days, slightly cool evenings and clear skies have made the past week such a pleasure. And nice weather was an especially appreciated blessing in a week of trials.
Our family has had house guests for the past three months. A friend and her son stayed with us as a result of marital problems. We had so hoped to help her gain confidence and attain a better financial posistion so that she might move forward in her life. Sadly, she was lured (again) by the promises of her husband and this weekend she and her son left to return to him. I am really sorry about this situation and feel a bit like a failure, that we were not able to encourage and help her enough to feel like she could escape her crappy husband.
Ah, well... we tried very hard and that is all you can do. Time to move on.
On the plus side, I have more time for art. I am busy in my studio getting ready for a show this coming weekend. It is a one day show (whew!) and INDOORS so I am not at the mercy of the weather!
I am looking forward to a productive, peaceful week. We'll see what the universe has in mind for me! ;)
Hope your week is beautifully creative!
~And here's a peek at my work table...

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Leah C said...

All you can do is try. Sounds like you were an exceptional friend to your friend...not everyone would do what you did.
Wishing the best for her & her son:) And wishing you a happy November!


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