Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What do you think?

Does this boy look big enough to go away to camp for two nights? in the woods? without his mom? where there are ticks and spiders? and a LAKE? sigh... Will is my baby. Yes, he's 11, but a very young 11. I have to pack his things for Sky Ranch today. I have sent my other kids on a zillion trips... everywhere from NYC, to DisneyWorld, to Juarez and Pike's Peak, etc... But not Will. He was oxygen deprived at birth and has developmental issues. He receives a lot of help at school. He is a happy, clever boy, but not quite as mature as his classmates. I HAVE to let him go on this trip and he'll be fine... but will I??? These are the things you never think of when you have little babies... dark cabins in the woods, an 11 year old that can't tie his shoes or read very well, letting your baby grow up...
So, instead I will think about flowers.

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