Saturday, September 22, 2007


I have been tagged by Lori

Here are the rules:
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disclaimer~ weird, random... maybe.... Interesting... doubtful!
#1~ My middle name is Zan. In high school a few people called me that. My dad was an artist and my parents were trying to impress their artsy friends by giving me an interesting name. My family is chock-full-o-weird names... Otis (my grandMOTHER), the twins~Brad & Frad, Omie & Lomie, Madie & Vadie, RuBert, Donzie (a man), R.B. (no name-just the initials)...

#2~ I love lamps and hate overhead lighting. My neighbors leave a hideous pseudo-chandelier light glaring in their foyer 24/7 and just last night I was discussing with my sister a way to disable it. It makes me nuts! I wanted to omit the overhead fixtures when we built our house, but the builder thought that might not be the best idea... I have 8 or 9 lamps in my living room.

#3~ I used to own 2 alligators. My brother thought it would be hilarious to bring them back from his spring break trip to Florida. They were 12 inches long and very fierce. I named them Haywood & Leroy. My brother built them a plexiglas tank and they lived in our basement family-room. When they got to be about 2 feet long we sent them back to Florida in a friend's Winnebago. They hissed and ate raw hamburger meat. Not good pets...

#4~ I cannot go to sleep without a glass of water by my bed.

#5~ I love to eat ice. I know it probably means I'm sexually repressed or lacking in vitamin XYZ... whatever. Sonic has the best ice on the planet. Trust me. A Route 66 cup of Sonic ice is a wonderful, cheap treat.

#6~ I would live on a ship if I could. Or a houseboat. Or a few boards tied together. Nothing on this earth compares to the feeling of the being on the water. I adore any floating vessel and the feeling of the wind off the water. Ideally, I would live in southern Caribbean and spend at least part of everyday on those exquisite turquoise waters.

#7~ I nearly worship scissors. I use them everyday. I once wrote a poem in their honor. But, I have the crappiest, cheapest scissor... many pairs, but all pretty lousy. I am undisciplined in their use, cutting wire, wood, anything. I'd ruin a good pair, so I just use cheap ones.


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

I got tagged by lori too. I LOVE your work!! :-)

Lilly*s of London*ish said...

Mission complete. I love Jimmy Buffett too! Gina

MaryEllen said...

Thanks for the Tag Dale!
I'm having so much fun making my "list" It's almost done, and I'm looking for some photos to add.
I really enjoyed reading your 7. Who thought of this great idea any way?
...btw..I knew what you ment when you put "michaels" instead of "Jo Anns"
take care!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Thanks Ladies!


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