Wednesday, May 03, 2006

two steps forward...

aaarrg! I am having the awful, bizarre behind the ear pain again! Yikes! I was feeling so much better... Dr. Icaza!! Hello...
Okay~ health chat is just too boring. Tomorrow is Kate's birthday! Just imagine being 17, smart, beautiful... lucky girl. We got her a nice digital camera and a chandelier. Like I said... lucky girl!
I have 63 pendants ready to be soldered. That is about half of what I'd like to have done by the 20th. Fortunately I do not require much sleep.
I must post another edition of book chat as I have read some real gems recenty. Currently I am reading Evidence of Things Unseen- a beautiful, almost poetic book. It is really a delight. I will give it a real review when I'm done... and my legions of readers will be overjoyed, no doubt!
And by the way, I think my neighborhood is going to hell. We have some mucho-nutso neighbors. I could write a book about them... but it would be pretty stupid. Some of them just need to pull their weeds... other's need lobotomies. IMHO, of course.
Ah, well...goodnight fair patrons. Clean sheets beckon.

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