Friday, May 05, 2006

Party at the End of the World

I can't remember how many times I've seen Jimmy Buffett in concert. Do I count the times back in the 70's at The Frog and Nightgown (Raleigh, NC) when the Coral Reefer band was one guy? My friend Betsy (where'd you get to, girl?) and I hoisted a beer or two with Jimmy and his "band" between sets on more than one occasion. I'm sure he's forgotten, but I sure haven't. He was funny, sweet guy and it sort of seemed like he was onto something pretty cool. Who'd a thunk that in 2006 I'd still be listening to some of the same songs... and grinning from ear to ear.
The Party at the End of the World tour rolled into Dallas on April 28 and along with it came grey skies and barrels of rain. Now, keep in mind that we had 100 degree weather earlier in the month. Dallas is famous for droughts. Why did it have to rain on Jimmy? And this concert was at the Smirnoff Center where most of the seating is "under the stars" or clouds in this case. But... guess what? The party gods love Buffett and granted him (and his fans) a break in the weather. Not a drop fell during the concert. Near the end I even saw a star or two.
The set was fantastic... a gorgeous seascape (looked like Tortola, home of Jimmy's famous tire swing, to me) and lots of colorful, beachy props. Radio Margaritaville played until Jimmy took the stage... barefoot, of course. The music was wonderful. Steel drums added to the tropical feeling. Every Buffett fan has their list of favorite songs. If Jimmy played them all in one concert it would last for a very long time, so he will most likely not sing a few you want to hear. I would have had Manana, Southern Cross and several others on my playlist, but it hard to complain when you get to hear One Particular Harbor, Come Monday, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere and Party at the End of the World (from the new album-not yet released). Jimmy covered Willis Alan Ramsey's Northeast Texas Women, which brought lots of smiles. During the short intermission, a trailer for Hoot was shown on the big screens. Looks like a great movie. I bought the soundtrack this week and Jimmy's version of "Wondering Where the Lions Are" is a treat. I also like "Good Guys Win".
The Parrotheads were entertaining as always. I think I'm as big a Buffett fan as there is, but I can't quite bring myself to wear a grass skirt and coconut bra to the concert. Maybe it's because he and I go way back. I figure he knows how much I like him even if I'm only wearing a sparkly skirt with palm trees on it and a raincoat.

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