Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am sooooo tired of feeling bad. I am so desperate I am even taking vitamins. I feel like spring is passing me by. Arrrg!
Well, that is one boring subject.
Nan sent me a nice, tall stack of books... including the newest Ann Patchett. Oh, joy! I am reading another first... saving that one for later.
Ian took me to the pond when he, Mark and Will released our turtles. It was time and they should be free. I actually miss the smelly things. The pond is great though and there are lots of other turtles there and plenty of little fishes for them to eat. It makes me happy to think of them free in that little (but immense to them) pond. It even has a fountain and our turtles love moving water. I think they are in a good place.

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