Monday, January 24, 2011

Silly me!

 It seems I am so slow  to learn! It is utterly silly
that it has taken me so many years 
to learn life's most basic lessons.
But I have learned a few... like the value of listening,
and letting go, the incredible truths one can hear in silence.
I have come to appreciate the powerful gift of understanding
and the peace that come from kindness.

And amazingly,I feel no obligation to explain myself. 
I know who I am.
I think this is called 
"being comfortable in your own skin."
What a glorious realization!!
It makes life sweeter and I greet each day
with an open heart. I still have much to learn.
Silly me! I'll never be "done."

 I intend to relish this beautiful journey,
to continue to listen to the universe,
to appreciate its amazing benevolence .


Diane said...

That is just about the way I feel, just when I think I have learned it all well another thing happens... another one of life's lessons. You sure have been busy with your computer graphics, and so many beautiful banners, you've got talent. I love that last one you did with the dolls, it is just darling. I think I need to come up with another site just to use your wonderful banners! Hugs, Diane

kristina said...

I hear you!
I am in the same place at the moment i have learned important lessons,the things that really matter and i know there is so much more to learn,
Ooooooh you do graphics! i am going to look around,
Love Kristina x
(shabbily by the sea)

Leah C said...

Live and learn:)

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

i love your words, dale.
they could have come from me as i feel the same way as you do.

and you know what else??
i know you do......



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